Private LTE

Bring the advantages of cellular networks to your enterprise using private LTE access, core, and endpoint solutions.

Why Private LTE?

As networks become increasingly complex, interconnected, and mobile, it is essential that you implement as much simplicity, security, and ownership as possible.

Private LTE can enhance your enterprise network by giving you the same capabilities as Tier 1 carriers inside your enterprise.

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Private LTE Architecture Overview

Private LTE solutions utilize a mixture of the following components based on your needs.

Private RAN

Own the access layer of the LTE network to eliminate costs related to data usage and release creativity on your network.

Provide enhanced perfomance, security, and true mobility both indoors and outdoors on your premises.

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Private Core (EPC)

The LTE EPC is the heart of the LTE network. The EPC controls things like data flow, authentication, and mobility.

Deploy a configurable EPC with SDN capabilities that make next generation configuration and ownership of the LTE network possible today.

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Full-Stack Hybrid

Deploy a hybrid solution with both private RAN and carrier RAN on the same SIM.

Pair the hybrid access layer with a private software-defined EPC to deploy a full-stack LTE network within your enterprise.

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Our private LTE networking solutions are powered by Expeto's Nextworking platform.

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